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Many current journey planning tools do not provide information for multi-modal journeys connecting individual and collective transport services. Often, the proposed options require multiple public transport interchanges and result in long and convoluted multi-leg journeys to make a successful door-to-door trip. SocialCar enhances the public transport network by introducing a wider variety of complementary services including carpooling/sharing, bike sharing, taxi and other on-demand services. Citizens will be given access to this unique service that optimises the use of all available mobility resources in the sharing economy. SocialCar will reduce travel times and costs, increase convenience, and contribute to better environmental performance of urban transport networks. 

SocialCar will provide a ‘one-stop shop’ planning, booking and payment service for multimodal and multi-service trips, via web and a mobile app. The project responds to the challenge of matching travel requests with the integrated public-private transport supply. The design of SocialCar is based on open source software, and the user experience is complemented by a reputation-based social mechanism. The SocialCar innovation is twofold: technological (the potential of open data and GNSS, the electronic payment services for transport) and economic (new mobility service models, public-private partnerships in the passengers transport domain). With an Innovation Management Board, the project involves external influencers who regularly provide advice and pave the way for a market roll-out and mainstreaming of the developed solutions.