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Meet Anna and Karl.


Anna drives every morning to her workplace in the city. Traffic congestion is getting worse in the area, and parking is expensive at the city that she works in, and so, she decides to look for another option. Karl lives near Anna but works in a neighbouring town 15 km away and would like to share the cost of his commute with a carpool companion. He travels back in the early evening.


The nearest bus service is within walking distance (1 km) of Anna’s home but takes a long time due to the many stops and the traffic congestion en-route. Its nearest drop-off stop is 2 km away from her workplace. She has heard of the new SocialCar app and decides to try it out. The app offers the option of carpooling from her home to a train station in a neighbouring town 15 km away, and then to catch a train which would take her within 1 km of her workplace. Anna had never considered this option before (nor would any carpool matching website) but now she sees it, it makes sense. There is no congestion on the car journey heading away from the city, and there is much cheaper parking at the station (which she shares with her carpool companion Karl).


Throughout the carpool journey, SocialCar gives real-time information on train delays and parking space availability at the train station. Other passengers already on the train (who are SocialCar users) provide info on how busy the train is, giving seat availability in their carriage. The train journey is fast and avoids the congestion on the road. At the end of the train journey, Anna can walk the final 1 km to work but SocialCar also informs her of a connecting bus service as well as a bike-share scheme at the station which she could use if she so chooses.


Before heading for home, SocialCar allows Anna to directly communicate with Karl. Initially, their travel plans match but later Karl postpones his carpool offer. SocialCar informs Anna of other options which include carpoolers and different public transport services. However, thanks to SocialCar’s real-time information on traffic congestion, she decides to delay her departure until the peak congestion has eased off and then get the bus service that takes her within walking distance of her home.