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#RideMyRoute biz was a web award for SocialCar-based business ideas that could change the mobility in your city the way you want it to be.  Access the ideas here 

An impressive number of endorsements went to ManyTravel, Urbano, E-COmmute and Easi Mouve. Taking this into account, the Jury has been assessing all four proposals against the following criteria:

  • Originality: does the proposal address social, economic and environmental challenges in a new way? Does it apply innovative technologies? Does it bring new added value for customers / seek niche markets? 
  • Marketability: has the idea potential to reach mainstream markets? 
  • Bankability: benefit-cost ratio. Has the proposal a sound approach towards cost structure and revenue streams? 
  • SocialCar relevance: does the proposal integrate public and private mobility for social, economic and environmental benefits? 

... and the winner is: 

... a multimodal commuter app based on @SAP cloud platform for corporate greenification.

The E-COmmute business model will be presented at the Transport Research Arena in Vienna on 17 April 2018

Disclaimer: voting results do not entitle any participant to claim any kind of compensation from the SocialCar consortium.