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#RideMyRoute biz was a web award for SocialCar-based business ideas that could change the mobility in your city the way you want it to be.  Access the ideas here An impressive numb ... more

Our web award winner is ...


 3 years of research in data engineering and algorithm design told in 3 hours  Mission accomplished for SocialCar...The RouteMyRide© service, is now available as an ... more

Register of the SocialCar session at the TRA 2018


SocialCar developers are involved in a C-ITS research project, financed by Horizon 2020. SAFE STRIP seeks to embed C-ITS applications in existing road infrastructure, using novel I2V, V ... more

EU workshop on C-ITS


SocialCar provides periodic updates on the activities relating to carpooling and public transport. The current release revolves around the latest in the field of carpooling. Learn more about products ... more

Latest endeavours in the area of carpooling


To say that mobility in big cities is a problem is like saying that an erupting volcano is somewhat hot and dangerous. But what can we do about it? Waiting long time for the public transport to a ... more

The SocialCar consortium to release the RideMyRoute app


Live presentation from the Local Transport Product Forge hackathon at CodeBase in Edinburgh, brought to you by Product Forge in partnership with SESTran and SocialCar. Access the livestream here at 19 ... more

Live from Edinburgh: hackers develop smart mobility solutions


1000 people are right now in Tour & Taxis attempting to hack solutions to 14 societal challenges. SocialCar Project is co-organiser of the hackathon... Watch it live at here ... more

Live: hackathon in Belgium


School students ponder today on how to make a business out of the effort to reduce the number of circulating cars with single occupancy in Rome. The answer is integration, public-private traffic d ... more

School students make SocialCar business: Lazio pitches & award ceremony live!


We advance in integrating carpooling and public transport . . . but how to manage the payments? We ask the experts. Join the live stream of the SocialCar expert group on innovative payment systems, 12 ... more

How to manage the payments: join our live stream


SocialCar is part of a global hackathon initiative, run by the Youth For Public Transport Foundation (Y4PT).  A number of  48-hour local transport hackathons are being organised around the w ... more

SocialCar in a series of hackathons


The sharing economy has rapidly gained in importance over the last few years, affecting traditional market sectors including mobility and logistics, retail and consumer merchandise, tourism and leisur ... more

"Mobility is the right of citizens and not a market privilege"


A series of local consultation group meetings took place in the second half of September across the SocialCar test sites; with the goal to discuss how SocialCar can translate into a concrete service m ... more

Public consultations on SocialCar service models


SocialCar midterm event, 22nd November 2016The sharing economy has rapidly gained in importance over the last few years, affecting traditional market sectors including mobility and logistics, re ... more

Conference "SocialCar in the sharing economy"


At the ITS congress in Glasgow, Europes largest event for Intelligent Transport Systems and Services, SocialCar translated the research of the Horizon 2020 ITS cluster into practical benefits for the ... more

SocialCar at the ITS congress in Glasgow


An article about SocialCar was released in the H2020 newsroom: ... more

Horizon 2020 newsroom: "Network to combine carpooling with public transport options"


The SocialCar partner project CHUMS organises a final event on 5th July 2016 in Leuven, Belgium. CHUMS seeks to develop a sustainable market for carpooling across Europe, making it a habitual way to t ... more

Save the date for CHUMS final conference - 5 July 2016


SocialCar was presented at the Transport Research Arena Conference (TRA) held in the Polish Capital Warsaw from 18th - 21st April 2016.  TRA is widely acknowledged as the most important transport ... more

The Transport Research Arena welcomed SocialCar in Warsaw


Taxistop blogs about millennials views on urban mobility shared  during a campus event in Brussels. Reflections are summarised  here ... more

"Passengers know more than the operators"


The first SocialCar Innovation Management Meeting was held in Turin on 15th February 2016, organised by SocialCar partner CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas) and the City of Turin. Th ... more

Ready for SocialCar? First Innovation Management Meeting took place in Turin


The first SocialCar Innovation Management Meeting will take place on 15 February in Turin, Italy. The meeting gathers policy makers and urban transport planners from Brescia, Brussels, Edi ... more

Invitation to the first SocialCar Innovation Management Meeting


SocialCar Knowledge Agent for businesses and investments, Paul Curtis, gave a snapshot of SocialCar during this years annual conference of POLIS. 400 mobility professionals across Europe and beyond ha ... more

SocialCar at POLIS annual conference


The Polish transport information platform published an article on SocialCar. Check it out here. ... more

SocialCar attracts the attention of Polish media


Transport Technology Today published an article on SocialCar - read more here. ... more

SocialCar in Transport Technology Today


A lot is being done across Europe to forge ahead with modern public transportation, yet, with cities growing in importance, their transport networks often fail to stand the pace. However, a new t ... more

SocialCar kicks off in Rome