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SocialCar have released a paper that provides a comprehensive solution-oriented view of the SocialCar system architecture. It outlines the conceptual design of the system modules, the functional ... more

SocialCar system conceptual and functional design


SocialCar examined the availability, formats and accessibility of data within the project test sites. Essential aspects of a SocialCar service model relating to the type  of information, the scop ... more

How data defines the scope of the SocialCar service model?


SocialCar has released a paper examining the market potential of the SocialCar end product. A market framework identifies a set of key drivers which will influence the demand for, and impact on the su ... more

The SocialCar market framework in practice


The project software experts working on SocialCar have released the data model for its platform, representing a multilayer temporal network for both public and private transport. The proposed data mod ... more

SocialCar data model and algorithms


SocialCar has released a paper that describes existing transportation services exploiting social media. The authors examine the technological framework relevant to SocialCar, available popular apps, t ... more

The SocialCar Arena