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SocialCar in a series of hackathons

SocialCar is part of a global hackathon initiative, run by the Youth For Public Transport Foundation (Y4PT).  A number of  48-hour local transport hackathons are being organised around the world with the goal of exploring new technologies to increase sustainability, while encouraging youth to get involved with the public transport sector.

The winners of each local transport hackathon will gather together in Montréal, Québec (Canada, North America), during the 2017 UITP Global Public Transport Summit to challenge each other in a final round – the global transport hackathon .

5 SocialCar sites – Brescia, Skopje, Zagreb, Brussels  and Edinburgh – are taking part. Brescia leads the way with a local hackathon organized last October followed by Skopje in December.  Zagreb, Edinburgh and Brussels will organise their local sessions in spring this year.

Smart Human Habitat was the name of the Brescia Hackathon, which was the final part of the Supernova Festival. The event gathered a number of programmers, designers and marketing experts in a non-stop 48 hours working session that sought to generate new application systems capable of contributing to the sustainable development of the city of Brescia.

The three hackathon themes  “Smart Mobility and SocialCar", "Smart Fitness" and "Smart Shopping" inspired five app prototypes.

In connection with SocialCar, Brescia Mobilità made the local public transport database available to the participants, whilst A2A distributed 40 sensors throughout the city.
The first prize of € 2000 was awarded to the "AIR2" project, developed and presented by Philip Perlini, Alessia Crupi, Vincenzo Russo, Matteo Fiorio, Massimo Saints and Philip Bozzola.
The app, designed to promote sustainable mobility, consists of an advanced search engine, which is connected to sensors for measuring air quality distributed around the city, and processes route planning requests by selecting lower pollution routes.

The "Traffic Light" app capable of modifying the programming of traffic lights according to the level of traffic emergencies was awarded the second prize. Third place was awarded to the "Smack" app, which provides information about free parking, depending on the desired destination of users. The jury awarded the Traffic Light project team with the opportunity to participate in the Global Public Transport Summit 2017 in Montreal, Canada.

The Skopje bus hackathon  was organized on 3rd and 4th December last year, gathering 35 participants divided in 5 teams. Under the umbrella of SocialCar, the event united the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development, the City of Skopje, Skopje’s public transport operator, United Nations Development Program, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Skopje, SEEUTechPark, the Faculty of Information Technology of the city of Shtip, and the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies of the city of Bitola.

The winner of the hackathon was team "Royal Green" that brought together four young software engineers –  Igor Zavojchevski, Goce Bogoeski, Igor Georgioski and Nikola Brdaroski. Their solution was inspired by SocialCar. "Royal Green" will send a representative to Canada in 2017 to compete in the global transport hackathon. The Skopje public transport company JSP is now seeking to implement the solutions that resulted from the hackathon.

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