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The SocialCar consortium to release the RideMyRoute app

To say that mobility in big cities is a problem is like saying that an erupting volcano is somewhat hot and dangerous. But what can we do about it? Waiting long time for the public transport to arrive and having convoluted journeys with multiple interchanges is not the best alternative to being stuck in a traffic jam with the own car. The "RideMyRoute" app changes this by mixing both in an optimized route planning. The app offers a unique route planning service that integrates public transport with private services including carpooling, car and bike sharing or taxi. The route planner takes also into account traffic information from social media users, road authorities and other IT services and sensors used in cities. It makes a real difference for the user. Seamless mobility from the first to the last mile is also a matter of reacting in real time to traffic disruptions or any other relevant information from social media. "RideMyRoute" takes all this into account when planning your city journey. With this application, users will find the quickest, most convenient, comfortable and least expensive journey alternatives. The app will be shortly available on Google Play and in the iOS app store.