1. Analysis reveals that _______ is among those countries with the lowest per capita GDP. A. Mexico B. Argentina C. Romania D. India  2. Juan Perón was to Argentina as Augusto Pinochet was to A. Paraguay. B. Venezuela. C. Chile. D. Brazil.  3. In 2007, what incident led to Pervez Musharraf's fall from power in Pakistan? A. The election of Benazir Bhutto's husband to the presidency B. The international reaction to Pakistan's acquisition of nuclear weapons C. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto D. The replacement of the chief justice of the Supreme Court with one of his political allies  4. After Mandela suspended the African National Congress's armed struggle in 1990, negotiations between Mandela and de Klerk led to all of the following, except A. economy stimulus packages .B. black majority rule. C. universal suffrage. D. guaranteed job security for white government workers.  5. As Western European recovery accelerated into the 1960s, guest workers were typically recruited from all of the following, except A. Yugoslavia. B. North Africa. C. India. D. southern Italy.

(1) Answers

India in not the lowest but within probably the lowest 20. Pinochet was a dictator. Musharraf was accused of plotting to kill Bhutto. The negotiations led to blacks being able to vote for the first time (suffrage). The last one is a toss-up between A or D.

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