1- Being a part of a team teaches a child they are not an individual and therefore promotes negative self-esteem.  True False 2- Love and _____ are what a child at any age needs to encourage positive self-esteem. A. Creativity B. Education C. Encouragement D. Attention 3- When a person has different levels of self-esteem in different aspects of their life it's called_________. A. Variable Self-esteem B. Categorized Self-esteem C. Differentiated Self-esteem D. Split Self-esteem 4- Getting involved in social activities can help a child gain positive self-esteem by developing their social skill and creating an identity. TRUE OR FALSE 5- What is a way to encourage positive self-esteem in a teenager? A. Push them to become involved in sports. B. Encourage their participation in after school activities. C. Let them know you are there to listen to their problems as they grow. D. Help them set goals to reach. 6- How do social activities aid children in gaining positive self-esteem? A. They get exercise and feel healthier. B. They develop social skills and identity. C. They develop competitive traits. D. They learn to work as a team. 7-  Self-esteem is how someone feels about themselves and their _______. A. Capabilities B. Emotions C. Life Skills D. Looks 8- What is a way to encourage positive self-esteem in a toddler? A. Give them crayons and let them experiment. B. Let them help out with little things around the house as they can. C. Respond to their needs quickly and lovingly. D. Encourage their participation in social activities.

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i think the first one is False #2 is C #2 is D


#1- false #2 -D #3- C #4- true #5 - D

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