1. Communication is an important last step of the scientific method. What is the best reason to communicate conclusions? A. to increase scientific knowledge B. to prevent people form doing the same experiments C. to make sure p D. there is no reason to communicate conclusions 2. All are part of the scientific method except: A. experiment B. hypothesis C. profit D. analysis 3. A part of an experiment that does not change is: A. constant B. dependent variable C. independent variable D. data 4. Which would be an appropriate first step to the scientific method? A. experiment B. conclusion C. question D. analysis 4. What tool would be appropriate for measuring the length of a classroom? A. triple beam balance B. meter stick C. micrometer D. graduated cylinder

(1) Answers

1. A 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.B I really hope this isn't cheating and that you can actually do this for yourself and you just want to double check. To study just read the Scientific Method and memorize it

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