Social Studies

1. One MAJOR ADVANTAGE to Georgia businesses of having access to the port of Savannah is that the port: A. has the longest continuous dock in the eastern USA B. is a major distribution hub to and from a 26-state region C. is one of the largest container ports in the United States D. has a ferry service seven days a week from River Street 2. Which physical feature was once covered by the sea? A. Tallulah Gorge B. Stone Mountain C. The Okefenokee Swamp D. The Appalachian Mountains 3. Who were the first Europeans to settle in the Americas during the Age of Exploration? A. English B. French C. Portuguese D. Spanish 3. Which statement best describes a difference between the English and the French in regards to exploration and colonization? A. The French were less interested in occupying territories B. The French and English both settled in North America C. Fur trading was the main source of money for the English D. Only the French were interested in converting the Natives.

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1. is B, 2. is B 3. is A I think will be your answer.

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