1. Discuss the differences between the measurement of the surface area and the measurement of the volume of a right rectangular prism. Include the following topics in your discussion. (a) Description of regions that are measured (b) Units for each type of measure and why the units are different (c) Examples of when you would want to measure for each type of measure

(1) Answers

surface area=area needed to wrap a box volume=amount of space in the box surface area=2hl+2hw+2wl=2(hl+hw+wl) volume=hlw h=height l=legnth w=width a. surface area is the outside area. lets say you have a cardboard cube and cut it on all the corners and edges so you ended up with 6 squares, the total areas of those squares is the surface area of the cube volume is how much stuff can be put into the cube, we measure how many 1 by 1 by 1 cubes can fit into the object or how much water can fit in the cube b. surface area is 2 dimentional since it is area and can be folded flat so the units would be square feet or square inches (ft^2, in^2) volume is 3 dimentional since it is legnth width and height so it would be cubic foot, cubic inch (in^3, ft^3) c. surface area=wrapping paper, wrapping stuff, painting an object volume=how much water can fit in pool, how much punch to put in the jar to fill it up,  which water bottle to bring so you have enough water

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