1) Solve the following system of linear equations by either the substitution or linear combination (elimination) method. SHOW ALL WORK and write your solution as a coordinate pair. 2x+4y=20 3x+2y=26

(2) Answers

solve 3x+7=26 for y so we have 3x+y+-3x=26+3x (add-3x to both sides y=-3x+26 -3x+26 for y in 2x+44=20 2x+4(-3x+26)=20 -10x+104=20 (simplifiy) -10x+104+104=20+-104(add -104 to both sides) -10x=-84 -10/-10=-84/-10 x+42/3 (that not the answer) so you have 42/5 for x in y =-3x+26 so yis going to equal -3x+26 y=-3(42/5)+26  y+4/5 (simplify) so you answer is 45/5 or y=4/5 for any more math help just ask i got u lol


I will use linear combination to simplfiy, divide the first equation by 2 to obtain x+2y=10 eliminate x's multiply that new first equation by -1 and add to 2nd equation -x-2y=-10 3x+2y=26 + 2x+0y=16 2x=16 divide by 2 x=8 sub back x+2y=10 8+2y=10 minus 8 2y=2 divide 2 y=1 so x=8 y=1 (x,y) (8,1)

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