2) A product originally costs $125. If the product goes on sale for 20% off, and then goes on sale for an additional 30% off, what is the price of the product? A.      $62.50  B. $70  C.   $65  D.    $90   3) If you pay $22.90 for a DVD that includes a 7% sales tax, what is the price of the DVD before the sales tax? A.      $21.40    B.  $21.30  C.      $21.50  D.    $20.95  

(2) Answers

2) B. $70 First you multiply 125 by 20%, but put the percent to a decimal then subtract and of the same with the 30% just add on to it 3) first you multiply 22.90 and .07 and add


To do these, always convert the percents to decimals, so you can subtract it from 1. Remember, 1 is the whole. When you subtract the part that's taken off, you are left with what you have to pay. If you have 20% off of $100, then you are paying for 80% of $100. **of means to multiply** so you would multiply: 0.8X100, which would be $80. First, multiply 125x0.8 Multiply that answer by 0.7 You should get B. $70 3) multiple 22.90x0.93 You should get D

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