3. Irvin cut a 47 in. wire into two pieces. The longer piece is 13 in. longer than the shorter piece. What is the length of the longer piece? _________ in. Please Help!!!

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Let's say x to the shoter piece's length, since the longer one is 13 in longer, it's length has to be x+13 in. We know the sum of these pieces is equal to 47. So let's solve:  [latex]x+x+13=47\\ 2x+13=47\\ 2x=47-13\\ 2x=34\\ x=\frac { 34 }{ 2 } \\ x=17[/latex] the shorter piece's length 'x' is 17 , so the longer piece's length 'x+13' is : [latex]x+13\\ 17+13=30[/latex]

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