39.42 divided by 5.4

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7.3, just divide 39.41 by 5.4, it's that simple


39.42 divided by 5.4 is 7.3 Heres an example without a decimal.  [latex] 5\sqrt{300} [/latex]  i kknow i know, your going to say.. but but, theres a little line there!! but ignore that little line.  so, [latex] 5\sqrt{300} [/latex] you have to try to find the highest number possible to equal that number. so 5 into 3 goes into 0 times.. so we can't use 3... okay.. what about 5 into 30?? well, yes!!! so, you put the 6 at the top, and you put 30 under the 300, but keep in mind, DO NOT FOCUS ON THE NUMBER THAT IS NOT USED. so, also, put the number "6" on the part that equals or something so that would be on the 0, next to the three.                      6              [latex] 5\sqrt{300} [/latex]                 -30                 -----                   0 OKay, now your done it that, you got one more number!! which is 0. I know you can't do 0 divided by 5 so just put a "0" on top of zero next to 6 then you subtract as show below: also i forgot!!! birng down the 0 so it would be like this:                     60               [latex] 5\sqrt{300} [/latex]                   -30                   ------                     00   (can't do the arrow thing so yeah sorry about that) but now you got the 00, so thats where you subtract that and get zero like this,                         60                [latex] 5\sqrt{300} [/latex]                   -30                   ------                     00                      -0                     -----                      0  so the number is, and the number has no more numbers left, so 60 will be our answer. Sorry if it was a bit complicated.. but yeah... Hope i helped!!! :D                  

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