-8x/5+1/6=-5x/3 I don't get how to find the answer?

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In order to find this answer we have to manipulate the equation algebraically so that we end up with a statement that x = something. We can manipulate the problem however we need to as long as we do the same thing to both sides of the equation (this keeps the equation true). -8x/5 + 1/6 = -5x/3 first lets get the x's on one side of the equals sign by adding 8x/5 to each side. 1/6 = -5x/3 + 8x/5 Ok, now let's add the x's together (we need common denominators) 1/6 = -25x/15 + 24x/15 1/6 = -x/15 Now lets get x by itself by multiplying each side by 15 1/6 * 15 = -x 15/6 = -x 3/2 = -x Multiply each side by -1 to make the x positive. -3/2 = x

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