A car moving at an initial velocity of 20 meters/second accelerates at the rate of 1.5 meters/second^2 for 4 seconds. What is the final velocity?

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We are asked to solve for the final velocity (Vf) such that we are given with the acceleration value, initial velocity and duration or time. To solve this, we need the formula below: Vf = Vi + at where "Vf" represents the final velocity, "Vi" represents the initial velocity, "a" represents the acceleration and "t" represents the time The solution is shown below: Vf = Vi + at, substitute the values such as: Vf = 20m/s + (1.5m/s²)*(4s) , peform multiplication Vf = 20 + 6 , perform addition of 20 and 6 Vf = 26 meter / second The answer is 26 meters/second for the final velocity.

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