a care woth the mass of 2000 kilograms is moving around a circular curve at a uniform velocity of 20 meters per second. the curve has a radius of 80 meters. what is the centripetal force on the car

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It is important to take note of all the information’s that are given in the question. This will help to solve and get the required answer. Mass of the car = 2000 kg Velocity of the car = 20 m/s Radius of the circular curve = 80 m Now we already know that Centripetal force = [Mass * (Velocity)^2]/Radius                            = [2000 * (20)^2]/80                            = (2000 * 400)/80                            = 800000/80                            =10000 N So the centripetal force of the car is 10000 Newton.


Well, first of all, the car is not traveling with uniform velocity.  Velocity means speed and its direction.  The car is on a part of a circle at the moment, so although its speed isn't changing, its direction is changing constantly, and therefore, its velocity is also changing constantly. The centripetal force that it takes to keep a mass moving in a circle is                             (mass) x (speed²) / (radius) . For the car you're describing, that's                             (2000kg) x (20 m/s)² / (80 m)                        =  (2000 x 400 / 80)  (kg-m/sec²)                        =      10,000 newtons .                       (about 2,250 pounds)

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