A hallway is 9 yards how long is the inches in the hallway

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Hello!  To find out how many inched the hallway is, you first need to know how many inches are in a yard.  You need to find the operation that will be needed for this problem, and I'm assuming you don't know, what you want to do is ask yourself,"What am I trying to find?  Wold this best be accomplished with subtraction or division, or multiplication or addition?  Am I looking for what the difference between two, or how many items are needed for even groups?  Do I want to find out how long something will be when added to something else, or multiplied?   I hoped this helped!  If you have any further questions pertaining to this problem, feel free to shoot me a message or another question!  Good luck :)


1 yard=36 inches 9 times 1=9 multiply both sides by 9 9 times 1 yard=9 times 36 inches 9 yard=324 inches

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