An aquarium is on sale for $59.50. If this price represents a 15% discount from the original price, what is the original price to the nearest cent?

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Look at it like this: [latex]x - \frac{15}{100} x = 59.5[/latex] ^ Where x is the original price. Shows that the original price - 15% is £59.50  Okay, so now we solve the equation: 1. Rationalise the 59.5 to turn it into a fraction - fractions are easier to use than decimals [latex]x - \frac{15}{100} x = \frac{119}{2}[/latex] 2. Combine the two fractions of the left side [latex]\frac{17x}{20} = \frac{119}{2} [/latex] 3. Multiply by the lowest common denominator (20) [latex]17x = 1190[/latex] 4. Divide by 17 on both sides [latex]x = 70[/latex] You can check by working out 15% of 70 which is £10.50, take that away from £70 and its £59.50 Hope that helped and ask questions if need be! x

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