Bryan owes his friend more than $1,425 from a loan. Bryan has already paid his friend back $201 and continues to pay him $153 each month. Which of the following inequalities could be used to solve for x, the number of months Bryan needs to make payments to his friend in order to pay back his loan? A. $153x + $201 > $1,425 B. $201x + $153 > $1,425 C. $153x > $1,425 D. $201x > $1,425

(2) Answers

owes more than 1425 owe>1425 owed musbe be equal to how much he paid back paid back 210 and 153 per month is paid back (represent number of months by x) so owe=210+152x 210+153x>1425 153x+210>1425 answer is A


It Is A Because He Owes MORE Than 1,425 Dollars, And He Is Making Payments By 153 Dollars A Month, But Already Paid 201 Dollars. I Hope This Helps!

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