Can someone help me please!!!!! 1.Grace and Allie are going to meet at the fountain near their houses.They both leave their houses at the same time. Allie passes Grace's house on her way to the fountain. * Allie's walking rate is 2 meters per second.,* Grace's walking rate is 1.5 meters per second.  A-How many seconds will it take Allie to reach the fountain. b-Suppose Grace's house is 90 meters from the fountain. Who will reach the fountain first,Allie or Grace explain why.

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Well, if the fountain is 90 meters from the fountain, to find Allie's distance, simply divide 2 by 90.  90/2 = 45 It will take Allie about 45 seconds to reach the fountain. Obviously, Allie will reach the fountain first because she is walking more meters per second.

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