Compare and contrast what happens in mitosis and meiosis and discuss the importance of each process to a living organism.

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In mitosis, the first stage is prophase. The nucleolus disappears and the two centrosomes begin to form the mitotic spindle. The spindle xtends between two opposite poles f the cell. Next is the metaphase. The centromeres of the chromatid pairs align at the center of the miotic spindle. Then anaphase, the centromeres will split that separates the chromatid pair. They are now called chromosomes. The last phase is the telophase. The chromosomes will then form a thread-like chromatin and for ache envelope, a nucleoli appears. The type of cell division that produces gametes with half the normal chromosome number is the meiosis. Meiosis is the type of cell division used in sexual reproduction. It will occur in the testes and ovaries.

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