Create two different situations: one in which you use combinations and one in which you use permutations. Include specific details and an explanation about what makes each situation either a combination or permutation.

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Combination: Choose two out of three different colors of paints a color Answer: 3x2/2 = 3 different colors If the colors are a, b and c, the different combinations are: ab = ba ac = ca bc= cb. Permutation Choose two out of three rectangular pieces of fabrics,each of different solid colors, to make flags with horizontal colors. 3x2 = 6. If the colors are a, b, c the permutations are ab ba (they are different because the fabrics are in different positions) ac ca bc cb Total: 6 different flags with two colors out of three available. The first situation is a combination because the order in which you use the colors make no difference. The second one is permutation because the order makes a difference.

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