Describe the policy of appeasement and it emboldened Hitler leading up to World War II

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The policy of appeasement is when one governing body gives into another in efforts to avoid a confrontation. During the 1930's, both France and England saw what Nazi Germany was doing but they were under great pressure to not go back to war as their countries had hardly recovered from WWI. They understood Germany had grievances from the first WW and some even admired Hitler's patriotism for his country  not recognizing his fascism ideals. The committee decided to let Hitler have Czech. but he wanted all of Europe so he could have room for his people to expand. The committee let him have all the resources of Czech. but he took Slovakia and the Ukraine. Hitler thought no one was going to do anything so he just kept taking countries. Finally, after Hitler took Poland, Chamberlain of England had to say this was an act of aggression and a call for war. By giving in a little each time to Hitler it was like feeding a growing monster. By the time the major leaders woke up to the fact that appeasement wasn't going to work, a major dilemma had developed for Europe.

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