Does School uniforms prevent bullying?

(2) Answers

The answer is no, because bullying will always continue no matter. Any person can be bullied in any form about anything. However, uniforms are a way to limit it, there is no way to completely prevent it from happening.


I honestly don't believe so, the reason that they tried uniforms (well one reason) was because of bullying.But I find that kids will still find a way to bully others anyway! Here are a few examples: -Uniform isn't named brand  -Hair isn't done nicely -Shoes aren't "fresh" or name brand -if a girl doesn't do her makeup she's ugly Not to mention just normal ways kids bully each other, -name calling -pushing and shoving -social media and so on and so on...  So I don't think that a uniform will change anything, the most that it will do it just make kids find more creative ways to pick on each other :/

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