Emily has clearly stated to her boyfriend that she doesn't want to have sex, and she has offered alternatives for sharing time together. Nevertheless, her boyfriend continues to pressure her for sex. What should she do?

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Emily ought to do what she is agreeable in doing. On the off chance that she is not prepared for it, her sweetheart ought to comprehend and on the off chance that he doesn't then he's not justified, despite any potential benefits and ought to escape her life... Emily shouldn't fall in to the weight since it can prompt outcomes that she may lament.


Break up with him If he doesn't respect her choices and just wants to have sex with her id break up but if you wanna work this out then be clear with him and give him an ultimatum an example of that would be something along the lines of *either you and i look for agreeable alternatives or we do nothing at all* or just break up with him if he is unwilling to cooperate if he cant respect you and you will and your body then he probably isn't worthy of you i mean honestly why would you be with someone pressuring you to do something against your will? yesh people these days.

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