explain briefly what article 16 of south africa's bill of right entails and comment whether our media reflects it when reporting. (18 marks)

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Article 16 of South Africa's Bill of Rights entails that the media has the same rights of expression as the people, except in the cases of promoting war, violence, racism, or anything similar that can cause hatred or harm.


Freedom of expressionSection 16 contains detailed provisions with regard to freedom of expression, stating “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of the press and other media; freedom to receive or impart information or ideas; freedom of artistic creativity; and academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.” Section 16 contains the following limitations to freedom of expression “The right in subsection (1) does not extend to propaganda for war; incitement of imminent violence; or advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.”

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