find the sum and express it in simplest form (8a^2 + 6a + 5) + (-3a^2 - 2a)

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What we are going to do with this problem is combine all the like terms.  so to begin, we notice that there are two numbers with a^2 involved, and two numbers with an a. thus: 8[latex] a^{2} [/latex]+(-3[latex] a^{2} [/latex] is going to equal 5[latex] a^{2} [/latex] because adding a negative is just like subtracting. then we move on to (6a)-(2a) giving us 4a 5 is the only term that stays the same because there are no other similar terms. last but not least, put the equation together! answer: 5[latex] a^{2} [/latex]+4a+5


(8a^2 + 6a + 5) + (-3a^2 -2a) 5a^2 + 4a + 5 <------------ answer

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