for my Music Art class I am writing a song, I have the words but I need someone write it for me because I'm having a hard time. HERE ARE THE WORDS I remember when I was your love, the girl, the only girl you loved but now I guess I'm nothing. The words you say to her were the words you'd say to me. I thought you loved me but I guess I was wrong. Remember when we said forever? I do and I thought you did too but again I was proven wrong. You were my first everything and now everything is gone. I still remember our first kiss and sadly I'll never forget our last. The sad part is you let him destroy us, you let her change your mind. Yes its partly my fault, but it takes two to fall apart. I was once your good girl, slowly she took my place. you used to call me love but now thats what you call her. Slowly I got pushed away and slowly he's stealing my heart. slowly we both fell for someone else, he makes me happy and I know how she makes you feel, but is it truly real? or are your feelings for me fake? I know how I feel about you but that doesn't matter now since I'm not your girl. your hers now and I'm his and he truly makes me happy. We cannot go back now When answering this please be serious I poored my heart out into these words

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 I think its an amazing song, I felt all the emotions you gave to us as I read, you got a true talent. I can't give you the words, all I can do is judge them. If you're having such a hard time, you need to dig deeper until you literally cannot anymore. Take a couple of breaks from the song and just let your mind be free.

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