Fractions and Percent problem. I have to write each ratio as a percent. 45 7/8 out of 100 meters... how do I solve this?

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I think, based on the little info that you gave:), you would have to make 45 7/8 into a mixed number which would be 367/8. then you would have to make that all out of 100. (367/8) / 100) = .45875.  Then you could move the decimal place over and you would get 45.875% which when rounded would be 46%.  You can do this on a calculator to check by finding the decimal value of 7/8 which is .875, then add 45 to it to get 45.875. when you put this number over 100 you get 45.875/100 or .45875. multiply by 100 to get your percent 45.875%, round, 46%, and thats your answer

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