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Part 1: so first you need to find out how long John had been driving for: 20 minutes + 30 minutes = 50 minutes then to work out the distance that he travelled in that time, you can get that from the speed.  66km/hr = 66/60km/minute = 1.1km/minute therefore, he travelled 1.1*50 kilometers = 55 kilometers to find Adams speed, you put distance over time speed = 55km/30 minutes converting it to km/hr Adam's average speed = 55*2km/hr = 110km/hr  Part 2. they will meet when both their distances travelled combined, adds up to 150km to find this, you can combine their speeds 66+34km/hr = 100km/hr work out how much time it takes to travel 150 km at 100km/hr (an hour and a half) 100km/hr = 50km/30mins = 150km/90 mins  therefore, they will meet after an hour and a half hope it helps :) let me know if you don't understand anything

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