How can I change 19/4 in a mixed number

(2) Answers

19/4 can also be written as 16/4+3/4 so the mixed fraction will be 4+3/ other words 4 3/4. And to check it, you can multiply the denominator (here, 4) by the whole number(here, 4) and then add the numerator(here, 3) Which adds up to 19/4! :)


or you could easily divide the denominator (4) into 19 and get your answer. since 4 doesnt go into 19 evenly there is going to be a decimal. so see how mang places the decimal goes out to. EX: tenths, hundredths, thousandths ect. after you have calculated that answer. put the number over tne value. for EX: 3 hundreths would be 3 over a 100. ect. nect calculate how many wholes there are and you good. Last EX: 2 wholes and 3 over 100..really simple, but I may have made it sound a tad confusing. but its really simple.

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