How do I find magnitude of acceleration?

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To calculate the magnitude, you just need to normalize the acceleration vector.Let a⃗ a→ be an acceleration vector in R2R2, such that a⃗ =axx^+ayy^a→=axx^+ayy^First we need to get the acceleration vector.a⃗ =dv⃗ dt=F⃗ ma→=dv→dt=F→mBut, realize that a vector is a vector and vectors have components. So, acceleration can be broken into it’s components like any other vector. The magnitude is simply found by squaring each of the components, adding them up, and taking the square root of the sum.Therefore, the magnitude, or length, of the vector can be computed by,|a⃗ |=a2x+a2y−−−−−−√|a→|=ax2+ay2. hope this helps


Divide the change in speed by the time for the change.

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