how many miles will a person run during a 10 kilometer race?

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There are 1,61 kilometers in a mile or more correctly 1,60934 kilometers in a mile.  But first, a short history.... Both kilometers and miles are units of measurement. They are used to measure distance. Miles are part of the imperial measurement system and kilometers are part of the metric measurement system.  To calculate how many miles a person will run during a 10-kilometer race, you need to divide 10 kilometers by 1,61 miles (1,60934 rounded up to two digits). Therefore your equation is as follows: 10÷1,61 or 10 000 meters ÷ 1 610 metres  1000 meters is equal to 1 kilometer.  The answer = 6, 21 miles.  Therefore, a person who runs 10 kilometers will run 6,21 miles

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