how many tenths are equal to 4/5?

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There are two ways to solve this. You can either cross-multiply or find a common denominator. They're pretty similar, but you can use whichever one makes more sense to you. Cross-Multiplying : [latex] \frac{4}{5} [/latex] =  [latex] \frac{x}{10} [/latex]   Mutiply the numerator by the     denominator and the other numerator by the other denominator. 4(10) = 5x   Multiply    40 = 5x   Divide      8 = x Common denominator: [latex] \frac{4}{5} [/latex] = [latex] \frac{x}{10} [/latex]   Finding a common denominator helps you make equivalent fractions, or fractions with the same value. You can do this by finding a number that both denominators fit into. In this case, 5 and 10 both fit into 10. Now, you make [latex] \frac{4}{5} [/latex] into a fraction with a denominator of 2 by multiplying it by [latex] \frac{2}{2} [/latex]. [latex] \frac{4(2)}{5(2)} [/latex]   And simplify. [latex] \frac{8}{10} [/latex] Either way, [latex] \frac{4}{5} [/latex] is [latex] \frac{8}{10} [/latex].


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