How to divide fractions

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I am going to use the following example to show you how to divide fractions : 1         1 ---  ÷  ---- 2          2 1st: you have to reciprocate the second fraction and change the division sign to a multiplication sign. so.... 1       2 --- × ---- 2       1 2nd: you solve as you would a multiplication problem. If possible cross cancel and finish solving. In this case the 2's cancel off and you are left with 1/1 which is equal to 1. hope this helps :)


Let's say that you have a fraction of 1/3 divided by 2/5 You first switch the second fraction over so it would be 5/2 Your equation would than be 1/3 divided by 5/2 You than multiply the top by each other: 1 x 5 = 5 And than the bottom: 3 x 2 = 6 You answer would than be 5/6 Your answer is: Flip the second fraction around, multiply the two top numbers, than the two bottom numbers, and you're done.  Have an amazing day!

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