How to divide mixed numbers? and multiply fractions

(2) Answers

to divide mixed number, convert to improper fractions and divide them (a/b)/(c/d)=(a/b)(c/d)=(ac)/(bd) to multiply fractions, multily top by top and bottom by bottom (a/b)(c/d)=(a times c)/(b times d)


to divide mixed numbers you turn them into an improper fraction, and then multiply the reciprocal (the fraction flipped) ex: 2 3/4 divided by 2 3/4= 11/4 divided by 11/4= 11/4 times 4/11 and then multiply across. so, 11 times 4 =44 and 11 times 4 = 44, so 44/44 then simplify, so 1 is the answer. then how to multiply fractions, is simply multiply across.

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