I have to do an essay, roughly 4 pages long on Emily Dickinson, the question is " Emily Dickinson explores extreme states of mind in a style that is strikingly eccentric. Do you agree with this overview of Dickinson's poetry?" Please note that I only studied, I heard a fly buzz, a bird came down the walk, a taste of liquor never brewed, after a great pain comes a formal feeling and hope is a thing with feathers :) no copping from the internet please :)

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I agree that her poetry was irregular and very different, which was the way she felt she had to write her poetry. Emily Dickinson believed that poetry is one of the most powerful mediums through which humans, given the availability, used to express themselves. She felt that bringing out her inner life was what poetry called her to do, and so she did it. I hoped this helped a bit. I am not amazing at answering too much, but I believe this is sort of what you asked for.

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