Identify and evaluate the imagery and figurative language used in the poem “Tattoo” by Gregg Shapiro and how it relates to the meaning of the poem.

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In the poem, the following figurative languages are used: Blue as blood - simile Protection like acid - simile I wear him like a cloak - simile The first one talks about the tattoo on the father's wrist. This idealizes that the tattoos are part of the father's body and distracting like a vein (veins appear bluish from the outside) The second one is an abutment; protection is compared to acid, which is a substance that destroys, not protects. This implies that the efforts of the father in protecting the child feel like it is eating away (like acid). The third one describes feelings of the speaker under the father's protection; The speaker sweats under the weight of being wrapped around instead of getting comfortable and relieved. Hope this answer helps.

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