I'm having trouble on this problem.

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Please, could you share the directions that came with this problem? I suspect the directions are "solve the following equation for the variable v." Copy down the given equation.  Multiply both the left side and the right side by -7.  Your result will be "4v" on the left side and "-7 times 8 2/3" on the right. The next step would be to perform the actual multiplication  -7 times 8 2/3.  You must convert   that 8 2/3 to an improper fraction first. Multiply the 8 by 3 and add 2, and then divide your result by 3.   Now multiply this last result by 7.  What do you get? The last step in solving for v would be to divide both sides of the equation b y 4, leaving v alone on the left side.  Please show your work.

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