I'm not sure how to graph this, can someone please help?

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ok here is your graph (: this is the exact graph.. i put the equation into a graphing calculator. 


remember that it is (x,y) and y goes up and x goes to the right so we notice that it is in slopt intercetp form where it is y=mx+b m=slope=rise/run b=y intercept (there are 2 ways to do this:  AA use the slope and y intercept, BB use x intercept and y intercept) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA   the y intercept is where the line crosses the y axis the equaetion we have is y=1/2+3 that means that the line will cross the y axis at point (0,3) put that point on the graph (0 units to the right, 3 units up) now the slope y=1/2x+3 slope=1/2 that means that the graph goes rises 1 unit for every 2 units it goes to the right so just start from the point (0,3) that we previously graphed and go 1 unit up and 2 units to the right (0,3) (2,4)+ (2,4) the other point is (2,4) (go 2 units right and 4 units up to get the point) so now we have 2 points (0,3) and (2,4), now draw a line that goes through both of them congrats you now have the graph BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB x intercept is wehre teh line crosses the x axis or when y=0 y intercept is where teh line crosses the y axis or when x=0 so just set each to zero and solve y=1/2x+3 x intercept is y=0 0=1/2x+3 solve for x subtract 3 from both sides -3=1/2x multiply boht sides by 2 -6=x x-intercept is (-6,0) y intercept is b =3= point (0,3) so graph the opints (-6,0) and (0,3)    [ point (-6,0) is -6 units to the right or 6 units the left and 0 units up, point (0,3) is 0 units to the right and 3 units up from the origin (0,0)] (graph included below)

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