In 10 sentence discuss ways of preventing or avoiding being hijacked or being attacked during robbery

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Safety is on everyone’s mind during these turbulent times when you don’t if you will fall victim to a thief or if the plane or boat you are riding is going to be hijacked by terrorist. You really have to be very careful and to do that, you have to take steps to defend yourself.  Avoid streets or alleys because these have the potential for being mugged.  Always make sure that you carry simple objects that you can use to defend yourself against possible attacks.  If you are assaulted, hit the person at the part of the body where it would cripple him.  If you managed to hurt him, make run for it. The whole point is to get away from such assailants.  If traveling, choose an airline that has a tight security. Report any suspicious person to the airport security. Your safety is important so be alert and be safe.

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