in pea plants,round seeds are dominant to wrinkled seeds. in snapdragons, when a plant with red flowers is bred with a plant with white flowers,the offspring have pink flowers. can you determine the genotype of a round pea plant? can you determine the genotype of a red snapdragon? explain the difference in your answers.

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Do the Gene Chart R for round W wrinkled        R       W       ________R   |  RR | RW     RR would be the pea plant with round pea pots/seeds.W  | WR | WW     If it were RW or WW, would be round and wrinkled or just                            wrinkled pea seeds. same concept with the snap flower R for red  W for white          R    W       ________          You need Red+White to make pink, red first, white second, R   | RR| RW            though it could work with WR as well as RW being the oneW  | WR| WW            you can look at, but just pick either one is just as good.                                    R+W= Pink   W+R= Pink    basically, red+white or                                    white+red, they both equal to pink. so RW and WR are                                   your genes. pink snapdragons. But in your case, for red it is RR, red+red=red.

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