In the year 1900, in the country Acirema, there were 100 Lawyers and 2 million people. Every 10 years, the number of Lawyers doubles, and the population increases by 2 million. Let t be the number of years after 1900. Thus t=3 corresponds to 1903. Find the equation involving t whose solution tells you in which year 20 percent of the population are Lawyers. DO NOT SOLVE OR BEGIN TO SOLVE THIS EQUATION. .2=___________________?????

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Well, there is a system: [latex]L=100*2^{\frac{t}{10}}[/latex] [latex]p=2000000+2000000*\frac{t}{10}[/latex] [latex]L=.2P[/latex] I'd guess you need the last equation in a different form: [latex].2=\frac{L}{P}[/latex]

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