In your opinion, what makes a “good student”? List some of the values and habits that you think a good student has. Then think about whether you fit that description. If you do, explain why and use examples that illustrate your point. If you don’t, write about why you think you’re not a good student. Describe what you would change about your academic values and behavior to get closer to your idea of a good student.

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In my opinion , a good student gets straight a's , doesn't cheat, obeys rules, turns things in on time.  I don't fit this description because I don't get straight a's and I do cheat sometimes and I don't obey rules much and cant keep up with my work! ^w^ hope this helps! 


In my opinion, a good student is a student that obeys rules, follows directions, and tries their best. A good student doesn't have to be a student with A'a in every class, because some people put their best into their work and doesn't get an A. This is all a good student needs. Getting an A simply means that you are smart, but doesn't mean you are a good student, because you can be smart and have A's and still cheat and be bad in school.  Although I am an A+ student, I dont think I match the "good student" description. That is because I do not have the behavior of a good student. When I was in 7th grade, I could of improved my behavior by not skipping class. Me and my best friend would skip class, and I used to be favored by most of my teachers. That is why I used to fulfill the A+ grade.  I think the thing I needed to do to become a good student was to improve my behavior, the other traits fit me perfectly. I used to try my hardest, never cheat, always be on time, and always follow directions. I also used to do extra work in class. 

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