Let's do an absolutely horrifying puzzle for no reason. It is possible! ABC(A+D) = ABCB If the letters represent different digits (eg. D = 4, HG = 23), what are the values of each letter? enjoy lol

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ABC(A+D) = ABCB it probably wouldn't make sense for A to equal 0 one posible one could be ... ... interesting so if B=0 and A+D=10 then that works A=4 B=0 D=6 C=whatever I got a possible solution for any values such that A+D=10 and B=0 and C=whatever digit besides A or D or B, it is true but A≠B≠C≠D example A=1, B=0, C=8, D=9 A=4, B=0, C=3, D=6

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