Maren walks 3/5 miles in 24 minutes at a steady pace.  How long does it take her to walk 2 miles.

(2) Answers

It would take Maren 80 minutes, or 1 hr and 20 min. Just divide the 24 minutes by the 3 in the numerator, then find out how many 1/5's it takes to get 2 and multiply that by what you got as your quotient


With this, you have to set up a proportion. So find the decimal of 3/5 and set that equal to 24.  So this is what your proportion should look like: .6/24=x/2 Now you find how much she walks in one minute, so you divide .6 by 24 which is .025 of a mile. So now it will be .025 mpm. So now you multiply that by two. She walks .05 miles in two minutes.

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