over a season in a women's basketball league jackson scored 41 more points than the second highest scorer leslie. Together they scored 1,189 points how many points did each player score

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First, you know that Jackson (let call her J) scored 41 more points than L (Leslie).  What we don't know is how many points L scored so we can use a variable that will be 'x'. So the equation will be J=41+x. We also know that the total points is 1,189. To find out what x is we first subtract 1,189-41.  We then get 1,148. We are now left with 2x and 1,148 so we divide 1,148 by 2 and get 574. 574=x so now we can plug that in. J= 574+41 Jackson scored 615 points and Leslie scored 574 points (You can use bar modeling to do solve this problem.  An example of bar modeling is shown below.  

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